Dead by Daylight – Only The Beginning

A lot of things are brewing in the fog and the anticipation is brutal. A week ago Dead by Daylight released a video entitled ‘This Is Only The Beginning’. It talks about how the second year anniversary is slowly approaching and with that a number of things will be happening.

The biggest thing is the Year 3 Roadmap that they’ve shown us. Every 3 months there will be a new killer, new survivor and new map. Another thing they are implementing is how you can purchase the new chapters. Players will soon have the option to either play to unlock or purchase the new chapter outright. That alone is huge as some people may not have the funds at the time or don’t want to spend money on something they may not like. Personally I’ve bought every single chapter (with the exception of those that were free) and may continue to do so. This new feature is for past and future chapters which is great for new players who aren’t sure what to get when deciding between the older chapters.

They are also going to sell cosmetics for both killers and survivors. This is something that has been requested since…well probably since the beginning. There have been 4 cosmetic sets released for Dead by Daylight – The 80’s Suitcase, The Bloodstained Sack, Headcase and the Charity Case. Cosmetics are in abundance more so for the original survivors (Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake) and Nea (She came with the first chapter for Dead by Daylight along with the Nurse and the Crotus Preen Asylum). The others don’t have any outside of exclusives and licensed character won’t receive any cosmetics. Killers on the other hand have next to none when it comes to cosmetics but that is finally going to change (and it’s about time). In regards to new cosmetics we were only shown a sneak peek of Doctor, Nurse and Hag.

new killers.png

The ranking system is also going to change (finally) with the new emblem system. We’ve had two rounds of the PTB but I feel going live will give a better idea of how this is going to play out. They are also going to have a leaderboard so be prepared for die hard fans of the game grind (maybe even be try hard) to be top tier.

I feel Dead by Daylight having complete control on top of having a bigger team the game has the potential to be something really great. That’s not to say I don’t already like the game – I do. Sure there is room for improvement and there are definitely some things that could be changed but it’s still holding strong after two years. Not to mention the number of players on this game has increased and with these new changes taking place the numbers have potential to grow.

There was a Dev stream yesterday that was more or less like a recap of the ‘This Is Only The Beginning’ video. They also went over new killer skins – the Doctor was the only one they went in depth with and showed a live demo of what he looks like in game.

concept art.png

doctor live demo.png

They are also going to be attending PAX again this year for those who are interested. The new game, Deathgarden, was also mentioned as it is being developed by Behaviour Interactive. However, the team for Deathgarden is completely different from Dead by Daylight.

There are a lot of changes happening once June hits. I’m excited but time will tell if they follow through on everything they have set out to do. What do you think of all the changes they say will take place? Are you excited about anything in particular? Let me know!


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