Watch Trailer! Deathgarden – New Game From Behaviour Interactive

As some of you may know, Starbreeze has sold Dead by Daylight publishing rights to Behaviour Interactive. What does that mean? The developers of Dead by Daylight now have complete control over the game. To read more about what that means for the game and my thoughts go here.

Today I’m talking about Deathgarden, a new 5v1 asymmetrical shooter from Behaviour Interactive. While Dead by Daylight is also under Behaviour, it was announced in their Dev stream that Deathgarden has a completely different team of people working on this. The only thing that has been released is a 27 second clip. It shows no context and with the trailer being so short it’s hard to pass any real judgement. You can sign up for the closed alpha on their website. They also have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch account. Be sure to check any of those platforms to stay updated with the latest announcements regarding the game! Also, Deathgarden will be playable on the PAX East show floor so if anyone is attending let me know how it is!

What do you think about Deathgarden? Will you be playing it?


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