Phalcons Release New Single “Swim Away”

Phalcons second single, is the follow up to the majestic psych folk track “Idle Ways”. The first dreamy reverb drenched chords entice you yet again into their world.

Ben Ellis, frontman and principle songwriter, explains the song came from a dream; “I was moving house at the time, out of the home I’d grown up in, and was reluctant to let go. It must have manifested in my dreams because around the first week I had this really vivid dream. (Little did I know that I was lying in my bed…..) I couldn’t tell you exactly but I was on a beach somewhere. I waded into the sea and just started swimming. I had no idea where I was going but I knew that if I kept going in the same direction, I’d get to where I needed to be. Maybe it was home?” 


“Swim Away” is longing for the safety of the familiar, the sights and sound of childhood, yet anticipating what lies ahead over the horizon. The adventure itself is unknown.

Listen to “Swim Away” here

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