Lords Of Black’s “Icons Of The New Days” Out Now Via Frontiers Music Srl

After two critically acclaimed albums, the self-titled debut and sophomore album, “II”, it was time for Lords of Black to craft their all important third album. They have indeed delivered with “Icons Of The New Days out now via Frontiers Music Srl.

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“While there are still countless bands putting out albums, it struck us that, in our view, only a minimal percentage are striving to make strong albums from top to bottom that also portray the “sign of the times” through all components of the album: the sound, the title, the lyrics, the cover artwork, every aspect of the album. We set out to do just that. To make “Icons Of The New Days” the definitive metal album about our current times,” says guitarist Tony Hernando.

It has been said repeatedly that rock is dead and the metal scene is stagnant for multiple (incorrect) reasons, but anyone really paying attention knows this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we are plagued by hundreds of bands with no personality, no charisma, writing third rate copies of what the legends that preceded them came up with…what some people call the era of “faceless bands”, but this could be said of any era, especially when it lives in the shadow of the times of true rock and metal heroes. And with music distribution more accessible to everyone and anyone, it is hard for fans to find new bands with the key old school ingredients to become truly great: good songwriting, musicianship, a ‘fun’ name and concepts, a vocalist-guitarist tandem that deserves the hype….

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“Icons Of The New Days”the new album from Lords Of Black, gives hope that, along with other high profile and ascending artists striving for the stars, the future of rock and metal is in wonderful hand. Lords Of Black is one of the best bands of a new breed of artists that prove wrong those who say rock is dead and gone and metal is tired and stagnant. Incredible vocals? Check. Thoughtful lyrics? Check. Thoughtful songwriting? Check. Powerful musicianship? Check.

With “Icons of the New Days” the band has crafted a collection of amazing songs that draw from the influences of traditional heavy metal with elements of progressive metal thrown in the mix with robust production showcasing all the member’s talents. Guitarist Tony Hernando, drummer Andy C., bassist Dani Criado and vocalist Ronnie Romero are indeed a rising force to be reckoned with in the modern metal scene.

The saviors of the future of rock and metal wait in the shadows and it is only a matter of time before they are brought into the light. Join Lords Of Black in their quest to restore the faith.


What people are saying about “Icons of the New Days”

“‘Icons of the New Days’ represents the zenith in the short discography of Lords of Black, with stellar songwriting and catchy melodies once again at the core. You may find the track lengths a bit daunting if you prefer the quick strikes, but Hernando, Romero and company are so masterful in the performances that the 1 hour, 12min album is over leaving you craving for another go. Lords of Black is simply one of the best hard rock/power metal acts around.”
-CROM Metal

“The masters of Spaniard metal deliver world-class musicianship from beginning to end.”
-Sonic Perspective

“Just pure power metal heaven”
-Shockwave Magazine

“Fine and consistent form, delivering more melodic heavy and power metal, properly infused with hard rock groove.” 
-Dangerdog Music Reviews

‘Icons of the New Days’ should be Lords of Black ticket for a wider recognition, for a bigger audience. It’s a true melodic metal/hard rock monster that’s gettin’ better and better and bigger with each listening.”
-Heavy Paradise


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